Pre-Qualification Questions to ask your customer prior to adding accounts to the platform.


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Overview: We highly recommend asking your customers the following questions prior to attempting to link existing AWS accounts.  The questions are used to determine the appropriate setup for each AWS customer and to uncover any possible issues that could create delays.

Why Is This Important?
Is the account(s) you are migrating currently part of a consolidated bill? (If yes, see next question.)
Amazon only allows one level of parent/child account relationships. If the account is under a consolidated billing model today (now referred to as Organizations), the subordinate or child account, must be Unlinked (removed from current Org) first.  If an AWS account that has an existing Organization, the current organization needs to be deleted, before the AWS Account can link to Tech Data via SES.  The AWS account or group of accounts needs to be seen as individual accounts before the linking process is completed.  

For more information regarding removing AWS Organization, please read: Remove the Master Account and Delete the Organization.  For more information regarding leaving an Org, please read: Leaving an Organization as a Member Account.
If the account is a consolidated payer or an Org, are you are using AWS Organization service control policies (SCPs)?AWS only allows one Org connection per AWS account.  If the account is connected to an Org, the account will need to be removed from the existing Org to accept the new Org invitation.  

*Note: The security features of AWS Organizations requires that every account agrees to the approval to Full Service Control Policy mode.  Customer who currently use the full feature set of AWS Organization will be setup in a dedicated payer.  Contact your sales representative or open an SES support ticket for additional information.
Are you planning or currently using any AWS support services? (Business, Developer, Enterprise, No Support) Business Level Support: When you send the link request within SES, we assume the account has or wants Business Level Support (BLS). To ensure our partners retain the best aggregation benefits, the accounts will be linked to the Tech Data payer enabled with AWS Business Level Support which should also be applied to this customer’s account, otherwise, you may see a variance in billing between your cost and what you charge your customer.

No Support/Developer Support: If the account being linked does not want AWS Business Support (BLS), do not link the account without approval.  Please open a support ticket in SES or contact the SES Cloud Ops Support team prior to linking the account in SES.

Are you using any analytic tools from Amazon or other third-party programs? Some analytic tools require access to the programmatic billing file.  In the shared consolidation model, we must create a separate file for third-party tools to work for specific customers.  There is a specific setting in the platform to accommodate for third-party tools.

Are you using resource tagging? The AWS account owner will still be able to create new Tags.  Since Tech Data owns the master account (consolidated payer), SES Cloud Ops Team will Activate all Tags.  The Billing Reports in SES will show the usage, reseller/customer charges, and the Cost Allocation Tags for the linked accounts.

Custom Tag information is provided to the SES Cloud Support operations team via the "Managed AWS Tags" feature in the SES platform.  Once activated the platform captures the data, which enables the customer to run reports against their Tags.
Are there any AWS contract terms or special pricing in place that Tech Data should be aware of? 

If you customer has an AWS Enterprise Customer Agreement (EA),do not attempt to link the account.  Reach out to your Sales Rep for guidance.

See AWS contract matrix for detailed information on AWS terms and how they apply to the reseller program. Link to article: AWS Contract Terms Explained
Do you have access to the email account used to open the AWS account?

When you link an existing AWS account, an invitation is sent from AWS to the root email address for the AWS account.  The AWS account owner will need to log into AWS as Root to accept the link invitation.   IAM Role access will not be able to accept the invitation for linkage.  

FYI... The email itself is not needed to accept the invitation, because the Link invite is sent via the AWS console to the Root owner and stored electronically in the actual account for 2 weeks.  If no action has been taken within 2 weeks, the invitation will expire.  Please advise the Root account owner to sign into AWS, then go to My Account, My Organization or Consolidated Billing to view and accept the invitation.
Does the AWS account currently have programmatic billing setup?For customers who have the AWS programmatic billing feature on, a new S3 billing bucket will need to be created.  The existing S3 data file will no longer be written to once the account is linked.  

A new billing file will be used by the platform to deposit the billing data into. You cannot use the existing AWS account's S3 data file. The platform will overwrite any data that existed prior to the linking process if the file name is the same.  A separate bucket will ensure there is no gap in data and existing data remains unchanged.

If the customer requires programmatic billing data, then you must enable the S3 bucket functionality in the platform. Please see the article titled: "Setting Up S3 bucket for 3rd Party Tools" for detailed instructions.

Does this AWS account have monthly billing over $50k?Please contact your Tech Data Cloud Sales Rep to provide the details.  Do not link an account over $50k MRR (month reoccurring revenue) without written approval from Management and AWS Support.
What reports inside of the AWS console does the customer actively use?Any information you can gather around reports that they generate using the AWS console can help us identify how they can use SES to support same reporting information, if applicable.  The AWS Billing Customers Report will be available in the Customer Portal. Please read the Knowledge Base article:  How to find the Customer Portal URL
Cost Explorer and Historical Data
When a linked account leaves one organization and joins another, the linked account can no longer access Cost Explorer data that was generated when the account was in the previous organization.
The historical Cost Explorer data does not migrate over.  The account owner can still view archives of previous bills before they joined the Organization, but the past Cost Explorer portion will not be visible.  Please advise your customer.
Consolidated Billing and Blended RatesThere are thousands of accounts under the Tech Data consolidated payer.  Due to volume discounts related to the combination of the accounts under the same payer account, AWS treats all accounts as one account when it come to reporting in the AWS billing console. Once the account links to our consolidated payer, you may see a different price in the AWS console vs the SES billing reports.  The native console cannot be used for accurate billing information. SES is the tool that keeps track of the volume discounts, RI purchases and reports billing data accurately to individual linked accounts. SES Aligns the benefits to the accounts that made the investment in the RI purchases or volume discounts.  Usage information will be 100% aligned but billing data is impacted in the AWS console due to volume discounts, consolidation and blended rates of all accounts aggregated.
Is this a Public Sector account?  Are you a Public Sector Authorized Reseller with AWS and Tech Data Government Solution - TDGS?
Federal Government, City, State, County, Education, and Nonprofit Organizations are considered Public Sector.  

Contact your Cloud Sales Rep to verify your company is Public Sector Authorized with AWS and to confirm the counter-signed agreements with Tech Data Government Solutions and AWS, has been received.  SES Cloud Support Ops team, will need to create a separate SES for your company's public sector accounts

Is the AWS account part of Amazon Internet Services Private Limited (AISPL)? (India entity of AWS)If Yes, please contact your Tech Data Sales Rep. What is Amazon Internet Services Private Limited (AISPL)?  LINK

If an AWS account was opened with an address located in India, you will not be able to link that account to a US or other regional payer.

*Please contact your TechData Sales Representative with questions or open a SES Support Ticket for further instructions on how to address these special requirements for your customers.*