This knowledge base article provides information on the key functional roles designed to help you identify how to organize your team to support you cloud business utilizing the platform. The 'type' column identifies if the role is required for setup only to support the business on-going.

An individual within an organization may hold one or more of the following functional roles:

Functional RoleDescriptionType
Primary account owner (IT / Security)Responsible for the master account credentials, providing access to the platform as well as authorizing, creating and maintaining individual user access.On-going
OperationsResponsible for customer billing and other report generation, price book creation and application, monthly invoicing processing.On-going
Customer Set upResponsible for data entry including account information, click through terms, credit thresholds and pricebook setup    On-going
Legal / Contracts    Responsible for click through terms used to support contract content with customers.  You will setup and manage terms from time to time.On-going
Systems Architect    Responsible for analyzing business requirements to deploy program functions with the correct level of functionality based on customer requirements (i.e pricebook, customer portal setup, reporting)On-going
Software IntegrationResponsible for optional integration between the platform and the billing application/company websiteSetup
Company Website IntegratorResponsible for setup of the customer access to the Platform and billing system integration with the platform.

Setup of the Test Drive features through Java scripts.