In this article you will learn how to customize and verify the domain name on outgoing emails from the StreamOne Enterprise Management platform, by completing the following:

1.  Configure the default email/domain

2.  Generate a verification token

3.  Verify the domain

***Please Note: You will need to go through your hosting provider, domain registrar, or DNS provider to customize your domain for outgoing emails from SES. 

Go to Settings > Email Templates:

Click the Verify button in the edit template defaults area

By default, emails sent by the platform management console will appear to the email recipient as sent by "SES Cloud Support on behalf of (your account)." This is an email security feature of many email clients. In order to remove this message so that emails are sent directly from your domain, you must make a couple changes to your DNS settings.  

Change email registration to mail.your-domain.com

  1. Go to: https://ses.techdata.com/v2/accounts/emailtemplates
  2. In the From Email field, change the domain from @your-domain.com to @mail.your-domain.com
  3. Follow the instructions to re-verify the domain

Update DNS

  1. Go to your DNS provider
  2. Remove the current A record from your-domain.com
  3. Add CNAME record for your-domain.com with value pointing to catalog.ses.techdata.com.

The SES Platform uses SendGrid to send emails. Please review the SendGrid documentation below to help with your configuration: