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This knowledge base article provides information on the various cloud provider programs and the process

to request a new cloud provider account.  If you have not created the customer profile in SES, please read the article: 

How to Create A Customer

To Submit a Request for a New Cloud account:

-  Double-click on a customer in the list

-  Expand the Cloud Billing folder on the left side of the Customer Profile 

-  Click Cloud Providers

-  Select the Cloud Pricebook 

-  Enable Provider in Customer Portal

-  Save

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-  Under Cloud Billing, click Cloud Accounts

-  Click the Request button

-  Select AWS, then click Request again.

Your request will be sent to the SES Cloud Support Ops team for approval. 

Create the Support Plan Group:

Note:  If the Support Plan Group is not created, you might see a difference in margin in the Billing Reports.

-  On the left side of the Customer Profile screen, under the Cloud Billing Folder, select Charges and 


-  Select AWS, then click Assign

-  Create a Support Group Name 

-  Optional - Include all (and future) unassigned customer cloud accounts

-  Check the box of the Support type that belongs to this group.  Either AWS Business Support or Charges and 

    Discount Pass-through

-  Click OK

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-  When you see the dialog box below, click Save

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The SES Cloud Support Ops team will need the following information:

1.    Customer Name

2.    The Root email to assign to the new AWS account (this email cannot be a Root email for another existing 

       AWS account)

3.    The AWS Support Type (Business Level Support is standard and provides the reseller with the best 

       margin and aggregation benefits)

Role ARN Setup:

The SES Cloud Support Ops teams will contact you with the information for the AWS account owner to created the 

Role ARN. For more information on how to setup the Role ARN, please read the article: 

 How to Create the Role ARN for AWS Accounts

If further assistance is needed, please open a support ticket in SES. If you need to submit an SES Support Ticket, 

please click the Question Mark in the upper right hand corner of SES, then select Support and add the details of 

your support request.  For more information regarding support ticket, please read the Knowledge Base article:  

Creating and Viewing SES Freshdesk Support Tickets