Support for Microsoft Azure through SES launched in May 2017.  SES for Microsoft Azure supports...

  • New CSP-based subscriptions (or Accounts)
  • Linking of existing Customer Microsoft Identities (or Tenant ID, ie., [] )
  • Custom price books
  • Custom support plans
  • Dashboard filters
  • Billing Reports                                                                                  

Your Azure billing is delivered to you as a consolidated payment for multiple Azure subscriptions (or accounts) for your SES customer community. 

Billing periods in the platform billing reports can be a custom date range or calendar month.  Tech Data bills in calendar months, in arrears.

The Azure Reseller Program does not support:

  • Office365 and other products sold by number of seats (please contact your TechData Sales Representative for more information on how to resell O365).
  • PayGo Azure Subscriptions

Requirements for Resale

You must have the following:

  1. SES Account
  2. Microsoft Partner Network ID (MPN ID) as an Indirect Reseller
  3. Confirm acceptance to the Microsoft Partner Agreement
  4. Confirm Customer Acceptance requirement to Microsoft's terms and conditions

If you have questions about how to transition from CSP direct bill partner to CSP indirect reseller, click this link:

As a partner in Microsoft’s CSP Program, you are responsible for reviewing Microsoft’s terms and conditions, including the acceptable use of Microsoft products and services with customers.  These terms were included under the Microsoft Azure Program terms you accepted when enabled on the platform. Effective November 7, 2018, you are responsible to confirm that your customers have accepted the MCA terms. Microsoft states for an existing customer, new purchases (or subscriptions) will not be permitted until the MPA and MCA acceptance is confirmed.  Confirmation of customer acceptance is provided to Microsoft via the Tech Data's Partner Center. 

Tech Data and you are responsible to Microsoft for confirming customer acceptance of the terms.  SES supports you with this requirement through the following features and processes:

1. End Customer Click-through terms via SES customer portal(s)*

2. Logging required information in the Tech Data Partner Center Dashboard (Tech Data responsibility)

The figure below shows the data points required to collect customer acceptance information.  This information is entered by Tech Data within Tech Data's partner Center account on your behalf for your customers. 

*For more information about how to manage end customer click-through terms using SES, click this LINK

Getting Started

The first step to authorization for Azure in the platform is requesting access to the standard program entitled "Microsoft Azure Reseller Program".  

To request access, or get 'authorized' for resale of Microsoft Azure, follow these steps:

  1. Select the [Partner] Module
  2. Select the [Program] menu
  3. Select the [Microsoft Azure Reseller Program] from the list of available programs
  4. Click [Request Access]

This process creates a request to the SES Operations team. You will receive a notification once your account is authorized.

Support Options

You must provide Customer support for Products on a continuous basis (24 hours per day, 365 days per year) for all Products you resell. ATS provides support according to the support plan designated at the customer tenant level.  Within the Azure console, under the Support menu you and your customers will see the following support information:


Since your customer will also see the support information listed above, regardless of the support option you've selected for your customer, our support team will take their call.  If your customer doesn't have support enabled, they will be re-directed to you.

If at anytime, you are not receiving the support you need, you can open a ticket using the Support feature inside your platform management account (click the '?' located in the top right-hand corner of the menu bar).

For additional details on support options, click this LINK.

Program Links

The following links are provided for your reference.

Microsoft Partner Network Portal

MPN Portal

United States - CSP Indirect Reseller

Request an Indirect Reseller Relationship

Canada - CSP Indirect Reseller

Request an Indirect Reseller Relationship-CANADA

United States - End Customers - Create A Relationship Request

Add Linked Customer Identity

Canada - End Customers - Create A Relationship Request

Add Linked Customer Identity-CANADA