Before you can create a new CSP Azure subscription, your customer account (in the platform) must have a Microsoft Identity (Tenant).  If this step is not complete, refer to this article for more information:  Associating a Microsoft Identity to A Customer

You can only have one tenant ID associated with an SES Customer account.  If your customer has multiple tenant IDs, then you would need to setup a new SES Customer account and repeat the process of associating the Microsoft Identity to the customer.

All new CSP Azure Subscriptions are requested and provisioned through the platform. 

  • You cannot link an existing CSP Azure Subscription (This requires the formal transfer process.  Contact your sales Representative for more information.)
  • You cannot link an existing PayGo Azure Subscription
  • You cannot link an existing EA Azure Subscription

Requesting a new Azure Subscription (Account)

Once a Customer has a Microsoft Identity established in the platform, you can 'Request', new Azure accounts.   There are two ways to request a new subscription:

  • Resellers can request the account on behalf of the customer via the SES management console
  • Customers can request an account through the resellers end customer portal

From the SES Reseller management console

  1. Click [Customer] module
  2. Select your customer from the list and click [Edit]
  3. Click "Cloud Accounts" menu option
  4. Click [Request]
  5. Select Microsoft Azure from the drop down list:
  6. Enter a Friendly Name.  This is a required field. Create a friendly name using this recommended format: [reseller-customer-xxxx]  (xxxx can be a number, a department or project name, etc.)
  7. Under Line Item, select [Azure Cloud Solution Provider] from the drop down
  8. Click [Request] to complete the action 

This step creates the subscription under the Client domain. Credentials to the account are sent (as our default process) to the email address listed in the Customer Information screen.  If you want to be the “Owner” of the account, please notify our operations support team at ses-support@techdata.com (preferably before we see the request for the account in the support queue).

Note:  If you create the account on behalf of your Customer, you should rearm the click-through terms and request your customer to complete the sign-in process to your customer widget. When the customer logs into the portal they are required to accept the Microsoft End Customer terms. 

If the customer requested the subscription, you will receive an email notification.  Log into your SES account, go to [Settings] > [Approval Requests].  Select the request from your queue and Approve or Deny.