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Budgets is a cost management feature in SES that allows Resellers to set and track cloud spend against predetermine thresholds providing rules based alerts when budgets are exceeded. Resellers use this feature to help their customers  track their overall cloud spend and align with their budgets in support of pro-actively managing cost overruns.  This feature includes the ability to: 

  • Track by provider
  • Track across multiple providers
  • Track by individual customer or group of customers
  • Normalize spend to a specific currency with exchange rate adjustments
  • Send alerts to internal platform recipients
  • Track by partner cost or customer cost
  • Trigger notifications by % of budget met or dollars exceeded

Creating a Budget

The Budget screen is divided into these categories:

  • Budget header information
  • Cost settings
  • Notifications

To create or 'Add' a budget, follow these steps:

  1. From the Settings module, scroll to the Cost Management section, then click the Budgets menu option
  2. Click [Add].  The Add budget screen displays.
  3. Enter a Budget Name (Note: This name is the reference used in your notifications)
  4. Select a currency *
  5. Enter a budget total threshold amount
  6. Select an option for the budget base:
    1. Seller cost is equal to reseller price
    2. Customer cost is equal to the price book you set for the customer. 
  7. Select the period of time you want the budget to measure against.  The options are:
    1. Weekly
    2. Monthly
    3. Quarterly
    4. Annual
    5. Custom (when you select this option, the Start date / End date entry fields display) 

All fields with an "*" are required.

Customer Cost Settings

By default, a budget is set to "ALL" cloud providers and "ALL" customers.  Use the drop-down lists to customize your budget by provider, by customer, by cloud account.

  • If you know the customer name, start by typing their name and it automatically filters the selection for you.
  • You can select one or more "accounts"*

*Note if you choose multiple customers the Cloud Account selection is not available and will be set to ALL.


Notification options include the settings for various percentage (%) thresholds for the budget and to who you want the notification to be sent to.

Note: Alerts in the database are reinitialized when a budget setting is changed. 

The recipients are based on "users" setup in the platform.  If a user is not available to pick from the drop down list, you must add them.  

Under "Notify me when" click [Add Notification] to setup your first threshold. 

  • Enter a percentage (the platform will create the budget value)
  • You can add as many notifications as you need.

Under "Recipient", click [Add recipient] to pick a name from the User list

  • You can select recipients based on current users in your SES account.  This will not include end customers.
  • The Contact Name and Email field populate based on your selection.
  • You can add one or more recipients.

Under "Customer recipient", click [Add Customer Recipient] to pick a name from the User list

  • You can select recipients based on active users from the Customer's SES account. 
  • The Contact Name and Email field populate based on your selection.
  • You can add one or more customer recipients.

Click [Save]

Note:  If an end customer sets a budget inside their AWS console, linked accounts that use Budgets will see discounted, blended rates.