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 Configuring your SES account for Credit Card Processing  

To start using Stripe, simply sign up for a Stripe account (directly with Stripe), fill out your business and bank information, 

then activate your account.

The Account Screen displays:
1. Validate that API’s are enabled on your account
2.  Select Strip from the Merchant drop down list.

Settings > Third Party Integrations

1.  Under Merchant APIs, set the merchant to Stripe.

2.  Enter your secret API key to authenticate with the merchant.

After the API key is authenticated, credit card transactions for your marketplace products are functional.

Credit Card processing is a feature that works within the Cloud Marketplace for subscription-based purchases only.  

This provides an alternative payment option besides net purchase terms (Net 30 days, 45 days, etc.). 

The SES management console interfaces with Stripe as an online credit card processing solution.

Note:  Credit card processing is not used for generating invoices under any of the cloud provider's 

billed under a consumption-based billing report (i.e., AWS, Azure, Softlayer).  

Before you begin: 

1.  If you don't already have one, create your free Stripe account.
2. Check your email inbox to confirm your Stripe account.
3. Log into Stripe with the credentials you created.
4. Click Activate your account in the left menu.
5.  Complete all the fields, and set your website to your Orbitera marketplace address.  The activation form varies based on your country,

     so select that first.
6. Make sure that View test data is toggled off.
7. Click API keys, click Reveal live key token, and copy your secret token.  It should look like:  " sk_live_......   "

Here is the link to Tech Data's API’s

Here is a link to Stripe documentation

Resellers can elect to accept credit card payments with Stripe. A reseller does not need to set up a separate merchant account. Stripe will act as the merchant account, gateway, and payment processor all in one. Stripe is integrated into the marketplace portal where new customers sign up and select the Credit Card payment option.  This allows you to receive payments into any bank account.

Enable credit card purchases

    1.  Navigate to Settings

    2.  Under Customer Portal, select Portal Functionality.

    3.  Select Enable Credit Card Payments.


Security is a huge concern for any business that accepts credit cards, especially online. Stripe handles security so you don't have to. Stripe processes transactions on its own network. This means no sensitive data actually touches SES or your server environment.

Stripe has automatically implemented several layers of protection specifically designed for web-based financial transactions. For instance, Stripe's client libraries and mobile APIs meet such industry standards as PCI-DSS requirements, so you're always compliant. Stripe is also certified as PCI Service Provider Level 1, the highest level of security certification for the payment card industry. Two-factor authentication is also available to further protect and prevent unauthorized access to your account.