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Tip:  This step is required before you can create a CSP Subscription. 


Tech Data is a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP2) and uses our Microsoft Partner Center to managed customers identities in their Azure AD tenant or Microsoft Identity (Tenant ID). A CSP Azure subscription (or account) must be associated under your a customer organization within your SES account and within Tech Data's Partner Center. 

A Microsoft identity can be an organizations primary domain ( or some sub-set of their domain (  

There are three methods to associate a Microsoft Identity to an SES Customer account.

Option 1 - Create new Microsoft Identity

Option 2 - Added existing Microsoft Azure AD Identity by sending a link in an email

Option 3 - Send a Request to Customer via platform directly to your end customer to associate their existing Microsoft AD Identity

The following screen captures illustrate how the platform support the set-up of a customer Microsoft ID that connects the customer SES account to Tech Data's partner center.

Figure 1: Illustration of a tenant ID associated to a customer in SES and to Tech Data's Microsoft partner center

Option 1: Creating a Client Microsoft Identity

Select this option if you want to create a new Microsoft Identify for the Customer

  1. If your customer doesn't exist in platform, create a customer.  For instructions on how to create a customer refer to this article:
  2. Click [Cloud Providers] menu, then select 'Microsoft Azure' in the Customer Cloud Providers list then click [Edit].  
  3. Under Price book, select a CSP pricebook from the drop-down list
  4. Toggle 'on' the "Enable provider in customer portal' feature
  5. Under the Microsoft Azure Identity section of the screen, click the drop-down list and select "Create New Customer Identity"

Note:These feature options display in the Reseller portal only and are not available in the Customer Widget.

Refer to the following screen captures to see the required inputs for each of the above options.

Figure 1-1 - Create Customer (Option 1)

When 'Create Customer' is successful, you see a confirmation screen with admin and password information.  BE SURE YOU CAPTURE THIS INFORMATION (see sample confirmation below).

You will use these credentials to log into the Azure Portal at   These credentials display to Reseller only.

Note:  An email with the information in the following screen is emailed to the address used in the 'Create Azure Customer Account' window.

Figure 1-2 -  Sample Microsoft Identity Login  Admin Credentials 

Use this URL with the username and password information:


Username: admin@[Microsoft Domain]

Password:  See entry in screen shot above

Option 2: Add Linked Customer

Select this option if the Customer has an existing Microsoft Identify that they want to use and the communication (via email) to your customer is personalized.

Below is a sample of the communication you can email to your customer.  The most important piece of the communication is the URL that is provided below.  

Note:  A person with global Admin rights is allow to associate the tenant ID.

Sample Email Communication

Dear Customer,

[reseller contact name] of [reseller Corporation] in concert with Tech Data Corporation would like to be your Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider for your Microsoft Cloud account.

Click the following link to accept this invitation and authorize Tech Data Corporation to be your Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider.

What happens next...

The recipient clicks the link in the email (which authenticates the Customer ID to Tech Data's Partner Center).  Once this step is confirmed, you can add the customer's Microsoft ID into the SES Customer Account.  If the customer doesn't provide you their Microsoft ID, the Tech Data operations team can get this information from Partner Center (refer to the Overview section of this article for reference).

Figure 2 - Add Customer Identity

Option 3: Request Link Customer Identity

Select this option if a Customer has a Microsoft Identity and want to use the platform to send an invitation to link their identity to Tech Data's Partner Center.  You can view the email template through Settings > Email Templates > {in the search bar type 'Azure'} > "Customer Azure Relationship Request"

Figure 3 - Request Customer Identity Link

For additional assistance with this process, we have attached two PowerPoint documents:

(1) Covers all processes

(2) Covers the process when transferring existing subscriptions only