Access to the APIs support for the platform are located at the following sites:

Accessing deployment scripts configuration:
Products > Add/Edit > Deployment Scripts > Add+

Deployment Script Modal:
Type input values
API Call (New functionality) - Configures the deployment script as an API call
Amazon Web Services (Old functionality) 0  Configures the deployment script as an AWS cloud formation deployment

When API Call is selected, two tabs are available
API - Allows configuring the API request details
Fields - Allows configuring the input fields displayed to the customer

API Tab :

  • Endpoint URL
  • Request type (GET, POST, PUT)
  • Request encoding (JSON or wwwformurlencoded)
  • Edit API Credentials Allows defining the authentication credentials using Basic Authentication 
  • Request parameters
  • Multiple key-value pairs can be added, each of them representing a request parameter sent with the API call. For example, if there are two parameters defined, param1=value1 and param2=value2, and the content type is set to JSON, then the request body will look like this:


  • The values for the parameters can contain placeholders that will be replaced with values at the time of the deployment.
  • Next to each key-value pair, there is a link “Inp+” that will automatically create an input field on the Fields tab, and set the value of the parameter to a placeholder referencing that input field
  • Available placeholders:

There will be one of these placeholders for each field defined on the Fields tab, replacing FIELD_NAME with the actual name of the field. The values of these placeholders are taken as input from the customer during deployment
The account number selected/entered by the customer during deployment
The cloud provider code for the account number selected/entered by the customer during deployment ( aws is the only possible value, for now)



















Fields Tab:

  • Allows defining input fields to be displayed to the customer 
  • Values filled in by the customer will be available as placeholders that can be used in the values for the API request parameters, with the format {InputField:FIELD_NAME}
  • For Select and Multi-select input fields, the select options can be defined in the Default value cell, as a comma separated list. The first item in the list will be selected by default; if no value should be automatically selected, the values list can prepended with a comma (e.g. “value1,value2” will preselect “value1” as the default value and “,value1,value2” will not pre-select anything)

After configuring a API deployment for a product, the product can be purchased from the customer portal, and after purchase it can be deployed either using the “Deploy Product” button that appears immediately after checkout, or form the Purchases section of the customer portal. When deploying a product with an API deployment script, the customer will be shown a form built using the input fields defined on the Fields tab described above.