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TIP:  For best results, use Google Chrome when working in the platform

Overview: The Customer Portal allows the ability to view the Billing Reports, Dashboards, request new Cloud 

accounts or request to link an existing AWS accounts and other account management activities. 

Customize the customer portal to include standard navigational links.  The links appear in the header of the customer portal.

Enable Catalog    Provide a navigational link to the catalog view. This helps users easily return to the catalog after visiting other pages.
Enable Dashboard    Display a dashboard in the customer portal. By default, the dashboard is enabled.
Enable Test DrivesEnable end users to sign up for Test Drives in the customer portal. By default, Test Drives are enabled.
Enable ReportsDisplay reports in the customer portal.
Enable SubscriptionsDisplay subscription settings in the customer portal.
Enable InvoicesDisplay invoices in the customer portal.
Enable credit card payments *Enable end users to make credit card payments in the customer portal. By default, credit card payments are disabled.
Require EULA acceptance when customers add new accounts.Require that end users accept a EULA for each new account. By default, the EULA requirement is disabled. You can add or edit terms at Settings > Account > Terms.

Customer Portal Example

The Reseller Logo can be updated in the main Settings page, bottom left corner

How to find your Customer URL: 

Click the drop-down arrow next to the suitcase Icon in the upper right hand corner of SES.  

Then right-click on Launch Marketplace to open in new tab, window or incognito window.  

Your Customer Portal URL captures this URL with your "nickname" following the equal sign. company nickname here)


(sesdemo = Tech Data's Demo Cloud Marketplace/Customer Portal)


You can find your companies Nickname under Settings > Account Information

Please see the Knowledge Base article, Configure Customer Sign-up Options