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The following assumes you completed the process to 'Generate Invoice' in the SES platform, please see the instructions for more info:  How to Generate Customer Invoices/Billing Statements

By default, the Invoice is displayed in Draft status, meaning if you are using the SES Customer Portal to allow customers to log in, the Invoice would not be visible to the customer. This allows you to review invoice data before sending it to your customers and/or changing the status to Open.

To update and view the Invoice Status, go to Billing > Customer Invoices > double-click on a specific customer in the list to view > Select the Date Range for the billing period > Double-click on a invoice in the list to view.

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Change the invoice status

You can change the invoice status to the following status options listed below:




When you're not ready to make the invoice visible to customers.


When you are ready to make the invoice visible to customers. When the state changes to open, SES can send an automated email notification to the customer. The email can contain a link that opens the customer account. See Settings > Email templates > New customer invoice (or New reseller invoice). Note: We do not send the invoice directly through the email, as this would be insecure.


When the invoice has been paid.

Past due

When the invoice isn't paid on or before the due date.

Select Discard to Delete the invoice

You can also download a CSV or PDF of the invoice.

*These options vary based on the cloud provider.