In June, 2019 AWS changed their reseller program.  The major change to the program is how resellers earn their discount.

Reseller discount is based on reseller's tiered status within AWS's Partner Network (APN).

Here is a link to an AWS article which talks to why you, as a reseller, can benefit by working with Tech Data.

LINK - Working with an AWS Distributor

The table below illustrates the channel model discount structure under AWS’ new Solution Provider Program (SPP). The discounts “stack” based on the reseller’s status (Select (previously referenced as 'Registered'), Standard, Advanced, Premier) and other special conditions under the reseller program.


Discount Categories

APN Status
Base Commission for Select & Advanced without Competency
Base Commission for Select, Advanced with Competency, Advanced
New Account (all APN tiers) - available for first 24 months only
Share Shift (All APN Tiers) - single AWS acccount monthly spend is $50k or greater
Resold Support Discount - Business Level Support (All APN tiers)

End Customer APN Reporting

Tech Data is responsible for reporting to AWS throughout each month the end customer AWS accounts under our resellers.  This information is used by AWS to apply the discount(s).  For this reason, we need end customer account information within the SES platform to be complete and at a minimum contain the following data points:

  • End Customer domain
  • City, State, Zip

AWS Account Models

Tech Data supports as the default the AWS End Customer Account Model.  The graphic below reviews the two account models under the AWS solution provider program (SPP):