The Billing and Reports modules support all cloud provider programs. You will use SES to generate invoices or download the billing CSV files, by cloud provider, to import in your accounting system. Tech Data will always bill the reseller, under a consolidated invoice; at the service line item level, with a sum for one or more cloud accounts. Please note:  AVT Tech Data invoices are not separated by account or customer.   As a reseller, you can configure the SES platform to generate invoices/Billing Statements, download CSV by cloud account, customer or service category.

To set your Invoice Options, go to Settings > expand the folder for Billing that is located on the left side of this screen > select Invoice Options.  

Invoice Options Settings:

  • Term Type
  • Azure Billing Day (default should be the 31st)
  • Next Invoice Number
  • Term Value
  • AWS RI Purchase (default should be "Invoice for RI Purchase at the end-of-month")
  • Invoice Notes (Example:  "This Billing Statement is for Informational Purposes only.  Your actual invoice will be emailed to you")

Toggle On/Off Buttons - Invoice Options

  • Include credits for tax calculations
  • Include Custom Fields in invoice header
  • Group invoice lines by cloud account
  • Show payment method on invoices
  • Add rounding adjustments to invoices

It is important to generate billing statements in the platform every month for each cloud provider. The purpose of the billing statements include:

  • Creates static detailed accounting of the usage and billing data for a calendar period 
  • Provides the ability to extract detailed billing information
  • Enables end customer access to detailed billing information from the end customer portal

General API Info

The platform reads consumption and billing information directly from the cloud provider through scheduled API calls. To setup billing using the API, generate the API keys.  API keys are located under Settings under the Account Data section of the Admin screen. You can configure and test the API integration via the following link:

For more information regarding API's, please read the Knowledge Base article:  

How to Enable Platform Billing API