If a Cloud provider has been enabled within the Reseller's SES account you control the services your customer(s) can use within the end customer portal.  

Customer Portal URL for SES:

You can use the URL below and add your company's nickname at the end.  

URL without nickname:  https://ses.techdata.com/v2c/catalog?accountName=(company 

nickname here)

You can find your nickname in SES under [Settings] > Account Information page.

Within the management console of SES, you can launch the customer portal view by click drop-down arrow next to the shopping bag icon in the upper right hand corner, right-click on 'Launch Marketplace', to open in a new tab, window or incognito mode (recommended) in Chrome.

Customer Portal Sign In/Sign Up page

Important:  You will need to assign credentials for your customer to access the End Customer Portal.  Please read the Knowledge Base article:  How to Setup and Manage End User Access and Password Resets

Attached is an end customer user guide to the customer portal.  This guide can be customized to your business practices and brand.