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TIP:  For best results, use Google Chrome when working in the platform


Overview: The StreamOne Enterprise Solutions (SES) customer portal (also referred to as the Marketplace portal) represents a full range of cloud and technology provider solutions that authorized resellers can brand. The customer portal is a standard feature and is part of your SES platform account.  You can choose to use the enhanced features of the customer portal by signing up to the marketplace programs.  Marketplace programs support adding and maintaining product solutions that display on the catalog view of the portal.  You do not have to be authorized for a marketplace program to customize your customer portal.

This article provides detailed information on how to configure the platform to support a reseller-branded portal for your SES marketplace (or customer portal).  

To request access to the StreamOne Enterprise Solutions Marketplace programs available:

In SES, click the Partners module then click the Programs tab. Select the program you want access to (SES Cloud Marketplace or SES Cloud Marketplace-Premium) then click [Request Access]. Print or email a copy of the Terms (program agreement) for your records and Accept the terms.  A workflow email is sent to SES Cloud Support Team for approval.

1. SES Cloud Marketplace - allows resellers to leverage the cloud and technology provider solutions created by TechData.

2. SES Cloud Marketplace-Premium - allows resellers to leverage the cloud and technology provider solutions created by TechData, along with the following options:  Create your own custom cloud products and solutions, create your own custom test drives (timed trials), create and manage your own product plans, customize billing for your own products, enable 

end to end provisioning capabilities for your own products.

Once approved, your SES portal will be enabled with the additional feature that allows  you to begin building your storefront.

To view the details of each program, Go to Tech Data Cloud Solutions

Scroll down to the section with heading, Our Platform Plans

Marketplace Demo Site Link

To submit a request for a custom URL, follow the steps below:

1. Open a support ticket in SES by clicking the "?" icon

2. Complete all the required fields that are noted with a red *

3. Title the Subject line of the ticket with: Request for Custom Storefront URL -  [add your company name here]

4. In the comment box, provide your primary domain and the requested sub-domain.

5. Attach the subdomain files (.crt, .chain and .key extension)  Example of the 4 files needed:   





Important:  The certificate type should be for Apache/Nginx servers.  And, if an IP address is required, 

please use -

6. In the 'Request Type field', select "Custom Marketplace URL" from the list of drop-down options. Click [Send Feedback] to submit the ticket.  A support ticket is generated and a confirmation email is sent to the requester.

7. Create DNS record type CNAME for the desired URL pointing to - Example:  marketplace.test-domain CNAME 

Support ticket example below

***FYI... If you need more information regarding the required certificates and file types, please read:  More Information and Helpful Links, Regarding Custom URL's and Subdomains.

Please note:   Processing time could take up to 4 weeks to complete the setup, from end to end.   When your subdomain is ready, you will be advised via the Support Ticket.

Tech Data Branded URL's

While your request is being processed, your temporary URL can be used in the interim.  The Tech Data branded URL is fully-functional.  You will use the URL below and add your company's nickname at the end.  You can find your nickname in SES under Settings > Account Information

URL without nickname: nickname here)

URL with nickname:

You can launch the marketplace URL by click dropdown arrow next to the shopping bag icon in the upper righthand corner, right-click on Launch Marketplace to open in a new tab, window or incognito mode (recommended) in Chrome.

Configure marketplace look and feel

Design the words, fonts, colors, images, and links that appear on your marketplace home page.

1. Go to [Settings]

2. In the left column, Expand the Marketplace folder, then select Catalog look & feel to view and update the current settings.

3. Update the Banner Images, Titles, Colors, Footer Link and more. (Note: The Header Image size recommendations is a ratio of 1018 x 286.)

4.  Once you have updated your settings, click [Save]

Now you can begin to publish products to your store.  Products are published through the Products module.

More End Customer Portal Customization Options:

Customer sign up options:

Portal Functionality - Customer Portal Options