How to Create and view SES Support Tickets

Option 1:  

Click the Question Mark on the Home page of SES or the Question mark in the upper right hand corner, then select Support.  Add the details and Send Feedback.  A member of our SES Cloud Ops Support team will respond within 24-36 hours.


Option 2:

If you are viewing the Knowledge Base articles, you can create a support ticket by navigating to the upper right area of the screen, click the Plus sign next to New Support Ticket, complete the inputs and click Submit.  

    Examples below:

To View Open, Pending or Closed Support tickets

Click Check Ticket Status, located in the upper right hand area of the screen.  

 Click the drop-down arrow next to Open and Pending, then select 1 of 3 options:

1.  All Tickets

2.  Open or Pending

3.  Resolved or Closed

Click the link in the Subject line of the support ticket to view the status.

FYI... The Cloud Ops team will send an email to communicate and/or resolve the ticket issue.  

Please do not reply to the email as the support ticket will not automatically update in FreshDesk. Your email response could get lost in the Cloud Support email box. For faster responses, click the link to navigate back to your ticket and respond via SES FreshDesk as the support tickets are monitored by the Support Agents, the Technical team and Management.  

If you do not have login credentials for SES Freshdesk, click Forgot your password.  You can login using you Google, Facebook or Twitter account. See screenshots below: