The online quoting and estimating tools are provided by the cloud providers.  

The online tools are easy-to-use and enables you to estimate the monthly cost of your services based on your expected usage. The quoting and estimating tools are continuously updated with the latest pricing for all services in all Regions.

Please Note:  Pricebooks in the SES platform are not customer-facing and are not designed for quoting or estimating cloud services, nor are there API's available to export. If you need to provide your customer with a downloadable/shareable estimated quote for cloud services, please use the cloud provider's online calculator.  The links to these tools are located below.  The calculator reflects estimated cost and not the actual price the customer pays based on the data selection.

Quoting/Estimating Tools and Calculators Links Below:


  • AWS Simple Monthly Calculator - LINK
  • New AWS Pricing Calculator - LINK
  • Getting Started with AWS Simple Monthly Calculator - Estimate Cloud Pricing - Video   
  • AWS Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculators - LINK
  • AWS Pricing - LINK
  • The AWS Price List Service API (AKA the Query API) and AWS Price List API (AKA the Bulk API) enable you to query for the prices of AWS services using either JSON (with the Price List Service API) or HTML (with the AWS Price List API).  For more information, check this LINK


  • Azure Pricing Calculator - LINK
  • Intro to the Azure Pricing Calculator Video - LINK
  • Product Pricing Catalog - LINK
  • TCO Calculator - LINK


  • IBM Cloud Pricing Calculator - LINK
  • IBM/Bluemix Product Pricing - LINK


  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Quoting Calculator - LINK
  • SoftLayer v. On-Premises: Total Cost of Ownership Tool Overview - LINK


  • CenturyLink Cloud Online Price Estimator - LINK
  • Hybrid IT Platform Product & Service Pricing - LINK