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TIPTo optimize platform functionality use Google Chrome. You can click the Settings icon to be redirected to the Settings page in SES.


SES users have permission to access the SES Admin Console. Users with Owner access can perform user management tasks, such as adding, editing, and deleting other users.


User has the ability to:

-Generate customer invoices

-Create, modify and delete accounts

-Manage price books

-Setup and manage products

-Setup and manage SKU's

-Generate reports


-This role has the same rights as owners but without the rights to manage users

Note:  End customer users are setup by the Reseller only in the Client screen (Go to the [Customer] module to select the customer.)  


Only users with the role of Owner have access to the Users tab under Settings, Account Information screen   

  1. Click Add.
  2. Add the user information:

    • Contact name
    • Email address
    • Password
    • User role:
      • Owner – Full edit permissions
      • User – Full edit permissions, except user management
    • Status:
      • Pending approval
      • Active
      • Suspended

Using the 'Recover Password' Feature

Note: The following instructions assumes the User status is "Active" in SES

A user can activate the "Recover Password" feature to set their initial password or reset one that they forgot.  

The process for recovering a password is as follows:

1) From the primary login screen, enter your email address

2) Click the [Recover Password] link. A series of screens display as the platform walks you through the password reset process.