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In this section, you will learn how to managed terms and conditions for click-through* compliance by end customers. Terms and conditions are end customer focused and relative to the cloud providers associated with the products.

The platform captures the click-through acceptance for users and provides users the ability to print and download a copy of the click-through terms at the point in time when acceptance is requested and required to proceed.

*Click-through terms are agreements to an online contract that confirms a users consent.  

Term Types:

The table below list the category of click-through terms available in the platform:

Term Name    Applies to...Description                           
Customer cloud account provision - Additional seller/reseller terms

End Customer

These click-through terms display when a customer requests the creation of new cloud provider account within the customer portal.  These are the cloud vendor end customer license terms.

Customer cloud account provision - Software EULA

End Customer

Terms entered here are optional and are specific to any value-added solutions a reseller may be offering to end customer via the platform Marketplace portal.    

Customer Signup EULA

End Customer

Terms entered here contains the acceptable use policy for the platform

ProductEnd CustomerPass through vendor-specific end customer terms based on the supplier you are authorized to resell.  These terms apply to products purchased through the Marketplace.

You can customize:

  • Customer signup end user license agreements (EULAs)
  • Product term agreements
  • Cross-account partner relationships
  • And so on...

FYI...  If you want to rearm EULAs so that customers have to re-accept the terms at next use, you can do that here by clicking Rearm the Agreement. 

Settings > Terms > Customer EULA

How Click-through Terms Work (Customer Portal)

Click-through terms are invoked based on actions a customer takes in the end customer portals (widget or marketplace).   The first time a user logs into a portal, they see the platform Customer Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).  Then for every account, subscription, or product, request, a set of click-through terms display. A user could also experience the immediate display of product terms as the next set of click-through terms.  Product terms display based on authorization by you in the platform management console.


In the end customer portal, a user clicks to "agree" via a button on a dialog box or pop-up window. A user indicates rejection by clicking decline or closing the window. Upon rejection, the user cannot use or purchase the product or service. 


A user has the option at the time of acceptance or rejecting the terms to email or print a copy of the terms. If the end customer needs a copy of the click-through terms at a later date, you can download a copy for them through the platform management console (Customer > Reports).


 If you want to rearm EULAs so that customers have to re-accept the terms at next use, you can do that here by clicking Rearm the Agreement. 

Customer Portal View

Sample Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) - Edited to include a Reseller's Purchase Terms

Sample AWS Customer Agreement and Program Guide

View Customer EULA Reports via Reseller's SES Account

Reports > Customer EULA Report


The platform tracks the actions associated with all click-through terms types in the Customers EULA Report.  This report captures the email address of the user, IP address, date, time and type of terms accepted.  The report also allows you to download a copy of the accepted terms.   To run a report follow the steps below:

  • Select the Reports module
  • Select Customers
  • Select the Customer EULA Report
  • Select a date range (month, quarter, year) 
  • From the Options drop-down you can customize and filter the report as well as export.
  • Download PDF, if needed.


The platform captures the following details related to the acceptance of the terms:

  • Term Type (Cloud Account, Product, Signup)
  • Organization Name (from the Account Data screen)
  • Customer Name (from the Account Data screen)
  • Customer Email (from the Account Data screen) 
  • Details (account number, product name, etc.)
  • Timestamp (default is Eastern Standard Time)
  • IP


Note: If the click -through is done by another user, other than the contact identified in the Account Data screen, the IP address is the only piece of information that may be unique to the actual person clicking "accept."

Turn On or Off click-through features 

Settings > Marketplace >  Portal Functionality, Customer Portal Options