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TIP: For best results, use Google Chrome when working in SES



This article provides detailed information about the features and functions of the dashboard and its components.

The Dashboard from the Reseller's SES portal covers data for all your customers, their accounts, and all cloud provider programs your organization is reselling.  The dashboard is flexible. New filters let you slice your data more easily. New report drill downs let you quickly get into the underlying reports. With new data combinations, such as the seller costs and customer costs, you can understand key metrics like your margin more easily.  The dashboard is customizable. You can select Show Report from a KPI card to download a CSV file.  You can save preferences so you will see your preferred Dashboard settings every time you log in.

The figure below is a view from the reseller's dashboard.  Click on the Image to magnify.

Filter Options:

By Customers, Products or Providers


Chart Types - Bar, Pie and Line are available chart types for most KPI cards.

The Dashboard from the end customer portal only displays information related to that customer's accounts and cloud providers, but have the same features as the Reseller.

The figure below is a view from the customer portal.  Click on the Image to magnify.