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Overview: This article provides detailed information on how to remove a cloud account listed under a Customer.

As a reminder, cloud accounts are assigned to a customer.  It is not recommended to delete any customer with current or previous month(s) usage.  

Deleting an account or customer in SES will remove all historical data (usage and billing data) from your SES account.

TIP: For best results, use Google Chrome when working in the platform

***Important Information Regarding Account Delete Request's***

  • If the cloud account has any billing data in the platform, please do not remove or delete the account from the platform.
  • In order to maintain historical billing data, we keep the accounts in the platform. Removing the accounts from SES will remove all billing data, which could create invoicing discrepancies.
  • The billing data will be stopped via the cloud provider console, not the SES platform.  
  • Delete request are typical denied if any billing data has appeared in the platform. If you have deleted an account in error, please submit a support ticket or send an email to as soon as possible.

The following steps are used to delete an account from SES:

Note:  This option is only used if there was an error and there is no billing data that has appeared in the platform.   


1. Log in to the platform management console

2. Select the Customer module

3. Select a Client from the list 

2. Select the account you want to remove. The Cloud Account window displays.

3. Click [Delete] then click [OK] on the confirmation popup

***WARNING! Do not delete accounts from this page (see below).  Deleting here will remove ALL current and historical billing data from SES, which may cause severe billing issues.  Please contact support if you need assistance with Unlinking or if you have Deleted an account in error.*** 


For Microsoft Azure Accounts, the options are:

  1. Transfer the account to another CSP
  2. If the subscription (or account) is no longer needed, the subscription can be "suspended".  To suspend an active subscription, please submit a support ticket.

AWS Account-specific Instructions:

For AWS accounts assigned to customers through the platform (Tech Data Assigned)  

The process to release the accounts requires additional steps. The work effort to separate from the program is as follows:

  • End User customer notifies the Reseller of their intent to remove their account
  • Reseller shall notify the StreamOne Enterprise team (Sale or Support) and provide the AWS account number(s) to be removed.
  • Support sends and email requesting the following details.  These will be contact information for the company to whom Tech Data is transferring the account to:



        Contact Name:                       




        Postal Code:                       


        Billing Contact Name:                      

        Billing Contact Phone:                       

        Billing Contact email address:
        Email Address where account assignment can be sent:    


Upon receipt of the information, the SES Support team contacts AWS to start the transfer of ownership.  The transfer process removes 

Tech Data's financial and contractual obligations for the AWS account and assigns it to the new owner.  During this process the 

payment method and terms are updated in the AWS account.

When the paperwork is complete, SES support provides the credentials for the account directly to the new owner and 

removes the account from the consolidated payer.

SES Support operations notifies the you when the transfer is complete.

End Customers who own root access to their AWS account can remove a linked AWS account from our Organization, via the AWS console. 

For AWS accounts owned by the Customer (not requested through platform) the work flow is as follows:

  • End User customer notifies the Reseller of their intent to remove their account
  • Reseller shall notify the StreamOne Enterprise team (Sale or Support) and provide the AWS account number(s) to be removed.
  • SES Support Operations will remove the account(s) from the AWS payer account.  

The account separation takes effect immediately and the linked account owner is billed for AWS services account moving forward. If the separation occurs somewhere in the middle of the month, as the Reseller you will invoice the customer for only for the time period the account was linked.

Removing from the Consolidated Payer in the AWS Console (Unlinking from Organization)

Here are the instructions you can provide to your end customer on how to remove a linked account:

1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and navigate to the My Account menu.

2. Click Consolidated Billing from the menu option lists.  The page will show a status that the account is a "member of an organization".  

    Click the go to Organization button.

3. Click Leave Organization

Note:  You will need a valid payment method on file to Unlink the account from a consolidated payer.  If you do not have a credit card on file, you will not be able to Unlink the account.  Update your payment method before unlinking.  

If you need to submit an SES Support Ticket, please click the Question Mark in the upper righthand corner of SES.  (See screenshot below)