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Overview: This article provides detailed information regarding managing credits received from cloud providers.  The Customer credit table can accumulate credits over time, and this credit balance can be applied during the invoice creation process. Here are a few facts about how the Credit table works:


  • The platform tracks the total value of the credits and balances it against the current billing period. The billing statement will show a $0.00 statement if the credit amount due is more than the current billing period.
  • The platform will hold the remainder of the credit, where it can be used for future billing periods until all the credit has been consumed.
  • Customer credits do not display in the cloud provider billing reports.  Credits are issued at the time you generate the billing statement.
  • Tech Data issues credits earned to Resellers in the same way described in this article.  As a reseller, you receive the credit against your consolidated invoice for all your customers.  You use the Credit feature to manage the credit to the end customer that earned it.  If you have an earned credit, you will receive an email providing you details such as description of the credit, the account it was earned in and the amount. 


If your customer has an existing "unused" credit on their AWS account prior to linking, then the remaining credit will be consumed under the AWS reseller program payer account. AWS applies credits once a month.  Therefore, the first month the customer is linked may not show the remaining credit earned.

You will receive a formal communication each month, if applicable,  for any credits earned by your end customers.  This communication will provide you a breakout by Customer, account, credit description and credit amount.  Tech Data will issue you a credit in the platform. The credit displays on the billing statement as a total sum (no breakout) as well as on your invoice from Tech Data. 

Depending on your monthly billing, you could consume all of the credit in one billing cycle.  

AWS Credits

The following rules specify how AWS applies credits to bills for single accounts and for organizations:

  • The billing cycle begins on the first day of each month.

  • If an account is owned on the first day of the month by an individual who is not part of an organization but who later in the month joins one, AWS applies credits to that individual's bill for their usage from the first day of the month until the day that they join the organization.

  • If an account is owned on the first day of the month by an organization, AWS applies credits redeemed by the payer account or by any linked account to the organization's bill.

  • If an individual leaves an organization during the month, AWS begins applying credits to the single account on the first day of the following month.

AWS credits are applied to an AWS account within the AWS Console. Refer to this AWS article for how to apply Redeem Your AWS Promotional Credit:  AWS Credits

To apply a credit to a customer account, follow these steps:

1.   From the Customer module select the customer you want to issue a credit to

2.   Expand the menu options under Cloud Billing

3.   Select the "Credits" menu option

3.  Click the [Addbutton. The 'Add Credit' window displays

4.  Add the credit amount. (Note: Do not use commas or a negative '-' symbols.)

5.  In the "Comment" field, enter a detailed description of the credit which may include details such as:

· Cloud Account Provider (AWS, Softlayer, etc.)

· Cloud Account Number

· Description of the Credit

Note: If you are combining credits, keep detailed notes on how they equal the total credit amount you are issuing

6.  Click [Save]. The credit(s) remains in the account until you specifically tell the platform to use the credits through the billing process.  


Creating a Customer Invoice to Apply a Credit

To ensure the credit is applied to an invoice/billing statement, please refer to the instructions in the article: How to Generate Customer Invoices/Billing Statements

Note:  Be sure the Button for Use Credits is in the 'on' position.