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Under the Billing module, you are able to view and edit the following:

Customer Invoices - Also referred to as Billing Statements.  If you have created invoices for your customer, you will see them here.  If you need to generate the invoice, the instructions are located under article:  How to Generate Customer Invoices/Billing Statements.   Please note:  Your customers cannot pay the invoice via the SES Customer Portal.  The Billing Statements are used for informational purposes only.  

My Invoices - The Reseller's Billing Statements from Tech Data.  Please note:  You cannot pay the Tech Data invoice via SES.  The Billing Statements are for Informational Purposes only, to reconcile the actual payable invoice that will be sent from AVT Tech Data.  The billing information in the AVT Tech Data invoice will be Consolidated.  In order to separate the billing by customer or account, use the Reports module in SES. For more information, please see article:  How to Create and Customize Reports.

If you have any questions about your actual AVT Tech Data Invoice, please contact your Tech Data Credit Rep. 

Cloud Pricebooks - To view or edit, click the Cloud Pricebooks or SaaS Pricebooks. For more information regarding Pricebooks, please read article:  How to Create and Manage Pricebooks for Cloud Providers